£1m raid on Manchester Selfridges

A ‘well planned’ raid was caught on CCTV, as three men seized designer watches from the Manchester Selfridges store in front of customers and staff.

The robbery, which took place just before 7.30 in the evening on Wednesday 19th September, saw about 100 designer watches taken. The value of the haul – which included brands such as Cartier and Hublot – could be worth about £1m.

A crowbar and axe were used in the raid, as the unprotected cabinets were smashed into.

It is usual for such cabinets to be protected with mesh grilles – though usually only when stores are closed. The store, located in Manchester’s Exchange Square, is also protected by security shutters when not trading.

By planning the raid for during the day, the men – dressed in high-visibility clothing – did not have to face such effective barriers.

The three raiders got away via a black car manned by a fourth member of the gang. An abandoned black Mercedes was later found more than a mile away from the store.

Talking about the raid, Adam Cronshaw, from Greater Manchester Police, said:

“This was a brazen robbery while the store was open and busy with members of the public.

“It was clearly well planned and executed. These men were in and out in less than 80 seconds and were very particular about the watches they selected.”

Cronshaw also appealed to the public for help.

Saying that it is only a matter of time until the group try to cash in on the watches, he said that anyone being offered such items for sale should contact the police immediately.

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