A guide to installing roller shutter doors

Roller shutters are perfect for keeping homes and businesses protected. With the right knowledge and experience they are easy to install, making them the best security solution around. However, the vast majority of business owners choose to have professional security specialists install shutters on their property, maximising their effectiveness. When undertaking the task yourself, the following guide will help.

What you will need

In order to install roller shutters, you will need to ensure that the shutters you purchase come with all fixtures and fittings and that you have a manual to aid you. If all of these things are present and correct, you will also need screwdrivers, a hammer, a spirit level, tape measure, pop riveter and, if available, a screw gun.


Once your roller shutters have arrived, you should take them out of the packaging and check that all the fixtures and fittings required for the job are present. You should do this by consulting the manual. If everything is present and correct, you can get started with your installation.


Next, you will need to mark the areas where you will be drilling. You should always ensure that you will be drilling into solid brick, and that there are no electric wires behind the wall where you will be drilling.


Drill holes into the areas you have marked, making sure that they are the right size to accommodate the screw heads you will be using. If the wall you are drilling into is not a cavity wall, you will also need to drill a hole through the back of the shutter guide at the same height as the shutter switch, if you are using electric shutters.

Plate legs

Next, you will need to slip the end plate legs onto the box end. If the wall does not have a cavity, this will mean drilling a hole onto the box end. Once this is done, you will need to drill a hole right through the wall, in order to pass the electric cable through. For cavity walls, you simply need to drill a hole through the top back cover where the motor is and thread the wire through the hole until it comes out of the pelmet.

Then, you will need to put drilled guides into the end plate legs. To secure them, you will need to rivet them.


The next step is to use a spirit level to ensure the shutters are straight. Once you have them held in place, drill into the guide holes in the brig, using screws and plugs to secure them in place. If you are using electric shutters, you will then need to thread the electric cable through, drilling holes where needed.


Next, seal the exterior wall using silicone and attach the cables to the operating machinery, screwing the motorhead until the motor is not running and the shutters are in the desired position.

While electric roller shutter doors are one of the most formidable defences against break-ins, a poorly executed installation will undermine their effectiveness. With that in mind, it’s highly advisable to outsource the installation process to professionals.

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