Animal charity suffers theft and vandalism in break-in

Thieves have targeted an animal charity store in Scotland, stealing cash and also getting away with stock following a recent fundraising effort.

As well as the losses, the Mountains Animal Sanctuary in Glen Ogil also saw the gang cause significant property damage. During the raid, the building was also flooded.

The general manager of the shop, Pam Taylor, said:

“Whoever broke in has completely wrecked the office and the door. They have thrown items in the office everywhere and purposely left all the taps on with the plugs in to flood the building and cause damage.

“We had such a lovely time at Sunday’s nativity and raised funds in the region of £2,500 for the charity, and all of it has been stolen along with a CCTV unit, high value goods and merchandise.”

The charity works to provide food, medical care and shelter to donkeys, horses and ponies, and operates with no government assistance. Staff were said to be devastated with what had happened.

One item taken in the raid was ‘Milton’, something of a mascot for the charity. A carved wooden horse, it was donated to the charity. It is hoped the item will be returned, with Taylor saying:

“Milton would be difficult to be sold as he is very unique. Hopefully we can get him back in one piece.”

Once the damage has been repaired, security shutters could be an additional measure the sanctuary will install.

Tayside police are urging people with any information to come forward. The incident happened between 9.30 pm, Sunday 9th December and 7.15am Monday, 10th December.

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