Attempted computer shop thief sought by police

Police are hunting for a man who attempted to break into a local Plymouth computer retailer in the early hours of the morning over the last weekend of April.

The incident, which took place at Scorpio Computers on Coronation Road in the Pennycross area of the city, was fortunately unsuccessful. However, there was costly damage caused and there are worries that as the potential thief’s confidence grows, there could be other, more successful attempts.

Police are seeking witnesses that saw anything suspicious happening near the store between the evening of Friday 27th April and the morning of Saturday 28th April. Authorities are particularly keen to speak to anyone who was in the vicinity of Scorpio Computers around 5.20am on the Saturday morning.

Other witnesses in the area at the time have already reported seeing a man kick a door to the premises. However, none have so far been able to give police a suitable description.

Though entry to the shop was not gained by the attack, there was still significant damage to the door. This has resulted in an expensive repair bill and the businesses owner is now likely to consider upgrading security to prevent future incidents from taking place.

Taking precautions to prevent vandalism and burglary is a sensible move for store owners throughout the UK, where the correct use of shop security shutters, mesh grills and security fencing can be extremely effective.

Anyone that has information on the attempted break-in is urged to contact the local police force in the strictest of confidence.

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