Bogus gardeners steal money from pensioner

A pensioner in Godalming has fallen victim to burglary after two thieves posed as gardeners to take advantage of her.

The incident happened in the Meadrow area on the morning of Sunday 10th February.

The men called at the 85-year-old’s home claiming to be gardeners who had worked on the property’s hedge a year before. The homeowner, believing she recognised one of the men, agreed to hand over £40 for the same job to be done again. The two suspects then entered the property while the victim looked for the money. While one of the men distracted her, the other went to find more money.

The offenders then made excuses and left in what is being described as a small blue van before the victim had realised what had happened.

The suspects have been described as two brown-haired white men. One is thought to be of a slim build and around 6ft tall; he was dressed in blue overalls. The second man was noted as being shorter with a medium build. He was dressed similarly.

Surrey Police is looking for locals who may know of someone fitting these descriptions to help track down the offenders by getting in contact. Dan Chant, Detective Constable investigating, said:

“Local people should be aware of this latest incident and be on their guard. I would advise residents not to let an unexpected visitor into their home under any circumstances.”

A spree of burglaries hit rural Godalming in 2011 and Police-issued advice led to many homeowners stepping up their security efforts with extra measures, such as roller shutters and bar gates.

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