Burglary alert for Rochdale residents

As the dark nights begin to draw in, Rochdale police have issued an alert to locals who they think must be increasingly vigilant of burglars.

This warning was prompted by the fact there was a large increase in the number of reported burglaries, in the Northern parts of Rochdale, during September and October 2012. Police fear this is a trend that could be repeated again this year.

Local officers believe that, due to a number of circumstances – including the return to work and school, and the increasing hours of darkness – opportunistic burglars are more likely to strike, exploiting any weakness they can find in a home.

Officers in the area are set to kick off a burglary initiative, which they hope will increase awareness of home security issues and prevent criminals from repeating the offences of last year.

Police have already offered some sound advice that could help any homeowners to make their properties as secure as possible. This includes things like locking all doors and windows before leaving and opting for low hedges and fences, which will expose burglars to the community.

Rochdale police are also looking to encourage local communities to look out for each other and report any suspicious activity to officers.

Other useful tips for preventing burglary include the installation of security shutters, collapsible gates and burglar alarms.

Homeowners in cities and towns all over the country should be taking similar measures to secure their own homes. Business owners too should be more vigilant, as the nights get longer and burglars have more time to operate under cover of darkness.

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