Cardiff security dog gets his own film

A guard dog patrolling the security fencing at a Cardiff builders yard has become a film star, following an appearance in a hit viral video.

The three-year-old Alsatian, known as ‘Mr Dog’ is supposedly the second line of defence at M&R Decorators Supplies. However, earlier this year he was first featured on YouTube, encouraging passers-by to play ball with him.

Mr Dog waits by the lockable security gates until somebody walks by, before rolling a tennis ball under the security fencing for them to play fetch with him.

The strange behaviour caught the attention of film marketing director Si Stratton, who said:

“I noticed this guard dog roll a tennis ball under the gate onto the pavement.

“Someone next to me picked up the ball and threw it back for the dog to chase.”

Following a chat with the owners, cameras were put up opposite the yard to film the antics. Stratton continued:

“People were regularly stopping to throw the dog’s ball back over the gate.”

The video was posted on YouTube and has now had more than 5,000 hits.

Inspired by this, Stratton has now developed the idea into a nine-minute long film.

Starting with Mr Dog losing his ball under the security fencing, it follows his desperate 24-hour search for it around Cardiff.

The film premiered at Cardiff’s Chapter Arts Centre to a warm reception and can now be seen on the internet.

To stream the film costs 99p, with 20p going to the RSPCA.

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