Carrickfergus shopkeepers asked to roll up their shutters for TV

The Northern Ireland coastal town of Carrickfergus is set to be the star of a new TV show, but shopkeepers there are being urged to help the production by keeping their roller shutters up.

The production, a joint-partnership between Belfast company Green Inc. and Talkback Thames, is presently only in its pilot filming stage. It is said to be a science fiction comedy about an alien invasion, but there are no details of a working title as yet.

Filming will begin in a number of locations around the town on Sunday March 25th, and is partly designed to promote Carrickfergus to a wider audience.

Speaking about the project, location manager David McKee said:

“Our decision to shoot in Carrickfergus is mainly to showcase what the town has got to the UK; the newer parts of the town in particular look great…”

However, though the venture is partly to showcase the town, the atmospheric setting of a deserted town requires some assistance from shopkeepers. Appealing for their help, Mr McKee said:

“We are hoping to co-operate with local traders to have their shutters up on the day of filming [what] we are aiming for in the scenes is not of a closed-down town but an abandoned one.”

It sounds like a very exciting venture for the County Antrim town and the friendly business owners are likely to help in any way they can. However, though alien attacks may not quite be on the agenda just yet, they will no doubt be eager to reinstate the shop security shutters once filming is over all the same.

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