Charity latest shop to be targeted by thieves

A group of thieves have hit an Oxfam charity shop in the centre of Southport.

Entry was forced into the store on Sunday 2nd September, with the group making off with £370.

The same evening, a local newsagents was also hit. A group of thieves, masked by hoods, completely ransacked the shop and fled, having filled a number of refuse sacks with cigarettes.

The raid on the Oxfam store amounted to the weekend’s takings. The money was being stored in a safe on the first floor of the building, contained towards the rear of the store.

Entry was gained through a back door, leading into the kitchen, which was only protected by a glass panel. The break-in was discovered by one of the shop’s volunteers, Steve McGuiness, who said:

“I got into the shop at around 8.45am on the Monday morning and found the door was already open when I tried to put the key in.

“When I got upstairs, I realised the safe had gone.”

The break-in was the store’s second theft this year. In May, the shop had its charity collection box taken directly from the counter.

There was a little good news come the end of Monday though, with the local community rallying round and purchasing items to the value of £150 in the one day.

To prevent further incidents, the store and others in the area could look to invest in security shutters, which provide a visual deterrent as well as an added physical barrier.

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