Clothing stolen in ram-raid

In another ram-raid crime on a UK business, thieves have made off with a haul of expensive clothing, this time in Bakewell.

The thieves carried out the ram-raid on a Bridge Street clothing store at dawn, and were able to make off with a number of expensive high-end jackets.

The burglary took place at 4.30am on the 9th September, and the store targeted was Brocklehursts of bridge Street.

There was an eyewitness to the crime, who was able to tell police that they saw two men in a white transit van pull up outside Brocklehursts. The witness watched as one of the men stepped out of the vehicle and proceeded to smash the clothing store’s window. He then entered the store to look for the goods that were later stolen.

The burglars spent under 10 minutes committing the crime before driving off at speed.

Staff at the store said that several Barbour jackets, which are worth up to £200, were taken in the incident, which is the second to have taken place at Brocklehursts this year. Three individuals in a white transit also stole Barbour jackets from the store back in June.

Police have asked for anyone with information to get in touch. In the meantime, concerned shop owners should up their security, with measures such as CCTV, electric shutters or window bars being ideal deterrents as well as effective physical barriers against break-ins. Similar measures can also be taken to protect homes against burglaries and other incidents.

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