Collapsible window grilles

The collapsible window grilles that we supply at DMI Security Group Ltd are a fantastic visual deterrent which can be used to protect your office, shop or other business premises. With the added benefit of flexibility, they can be discreetly hidden away in a concertinaed effect.

As well as being ideal in a commercial setting, collapsible window grilles can also work extremely well domestically, as they can be collapsed easily when not needed. For trips away, or when wanting to have unmonitored windows open, they are a fantastic addition.

As they can be custom designed and constructed to suit the individual needs of a building, there are many benefits to collapsible window grilles.

Smooth operation

Designed to work effortlessly regardless of the setting, folding grilles glide smoothly along the runners and lock securely into place. With a multipoint locking system, which can be operated by a single key, the best security can easily be achieved without the hassle.

Offering a quiet operation too, they are perfect for use in the home as the household goes to sleep for the evening.

Robust construction

Backing up the ease of operation is the solid construction of the collapsible window grilles. Created from galvanised steel with a lattice work assembly, each grille is steel riveted to provide the greatest strength possible.

With overlapped locking profiles too, even greater crime deterrence and prevention is assured, allowing for complete peace of mind.

Extensive rage of finishes

Grilles can often be made to order, and tend to come in a wide range of finishes, with powder coating to ensure quality. This means they can be matched to any existing d├ęcor, making them ideal for use on display, or completely internally.

There are also a number of designs available, allowing any space to be perfectly catered for. With many other matching security devices to help too, you can also complement the grilles.

Prevention and deterrence

Whether being clearly used on windows that can be easily spotted from the street or road, or used internally to protect a cash office or other secure area, collapsible window grilles offer great protection. This works on two fronts; both in prevention through deterrence and in forming a physical barrier.

Barrier to crime

When it comes to stopping criminals, collapsible window grilles are ideal. Strong enough to keep out the most determined of burglar, their steel construction ensures they will hold up to fearsome attacks, keeping premises and belongings safe.

Whilst the sheer presence of the grilles will put off most criminals, the great strength and solidness of the grilles will keep out those that try to force access.

With their tough steel construction, multi-point locking, smooth operation and range of finishes, collapsible window grilles are perfect in any setting. Made to measure so they fit perfectly into the space needed, they are a seamless answer to a perennial problem.

At DMI Security Group Ltd, we have a wide range of collapsible window grilles available. Contact us today to see how we can help to protect your business.

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