Cotswold homeowners issued home security advice

Police have been giving homeowners in Cotswold advice on how to avoid falling victim to thieves.

Residents are being reminded by the District Safer and Stronger Community Partnership and the local police force that basic measures can be taken to prevent businesses and homes being unlawfully entered.

Figures show that out of all burglaries which took place in the area in 2012, 16% were down to a lack of security.

Gloucestershire Constabulary’s crime reduction officer, PC Mark Godsland, urged property owners to consider taking some basic precautions. He said:

“Home and business owners should ensure that premises should be kept secure, when unoccupied. Any valuable items, or items of great sentimental value, should be property marked with a Forensic Property Marking system to make them easily identifiable in the event of them being stolen.

“Business owners should take stock of the security measures they have in place at their premises and consider installing extra physical security measures such as locks, security glazing, intruder and fire alarms, security lighting and CCTV.”

PC Godsland went on to explain that these simple techniques could also help the prevention of thefts from vehicles and garden sheds, saying that sheds, in particular, were vulnerable to such crime.

As well as acting on the suggestions made by Gloucestershire Constabulary, Cotswold residents can look to roller shutters and bar gates to provide even further peace of mind.

Those in the area who are seeking further information on the police guidance are being encouraged to visit the force’s website at

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