Council office targeted in Motherwell break-in

Laptops and mobile phones were taken in a duo of raids on an office block in Motherwell, with the victim being the North Lanarkshire Council.

The first break-in took place between 3pm on July 15th and 8am on July 16th at the Dalziel Building, with a number of laptops and mobile phones being taken. Some cash was also taken, which made up the funds of the ‘staff kitty’ in the office.

The second raid took place on Monday 23rd, this time at around 12.30am. Once again, laptops were taken.

There were initial concerns that sensitive and personal information was being held about children in the area. However, the council were quick to deny this was the case, with a spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council saying:

“A number of laptops and mobile phones were taken in separate break-ins at the Dalziel Building along with a small amount of cash.

“The laptops were fully encrypted to the highest specification and did not contain any personal or sensitive information.”

It is now thought that a number of the computers contained council traffic planning software. The other laptops are thought to have had no data on them at all.

Security at the office block has been upgraded, with security shutters, window bars and retractable window grilles likely to be candidates for installation.

However, a spokesperson said the council does not discuss the specifics of security arrangements, but confirmed that additional measures have been set in place following a review.

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