Derbyshire pet shop hit by thieves

Owners of a pet shop in Ilkeston are picking up the pieces after burglars broke in and took thousands of pounds worth of stock. This happened during a one-night crime spree that took in a number of shops and a pub.

The thieves forced their way into Chambers Pet Supplies and then moved into the shop’s warehouse next door. They took a number of items, including healthcare and grooming products, pet food, accessories and expensive reptile and aquatic equipment. Tills and laptops were also taken. To the owners’ surprise, the intruders also took items from the staff room fridge and the supply of plastic carrier bags. Gavin Chambers said:

“It’s heartbreaking when you have a family business and you’re really trying. It’s not as if we’re a big corporate that can absorb something like this. We thought it was like Fort Knox but obviously not! They had a field day. It’s unbelievable.”

Six other shops in the area were hit during the spree, as was a nearby pub. It is thought that the thieves then took the equipment door-to-door in attempts to offload the goods and make some quick cash.

Gavin, who owns three pet shops with his family, expressed shock and bemusement at the fact that the burglars focused on his shop and largely ignored the expensive stock of some nearby retail outlets. He said:

“With all that valuable kit [nearby], you wouldn’t have thought they’d do a pet shop!”

Police in the area have advised residents to tighten up their home security efforts. Many are doing so with the help of roller shutters and window bars.

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