East Grinstead shop owners urged to secure premises

Police are warning all shop owners in East Grinstead to ensure their premises have adequate security measures in place, following a series of break-ins in the town centre.

The latest raid took place on London Road, at clothes retailer Popular Girls.

Thieves gained access through the back door of the premises, stealing all of the stock. Only the odd shoes that were on display were left.

The break-in took place between Monday 16th April at 6pm and Tuesday 17th April at 11am. The store owner, who for legal reasons cannot be named, did not find out about the burglary until she went to open up, saying:

“I was running late to open the shop and I had a customer come up to me in the street and ask if I was moving or closing down and I thought that it was very odd. But when I entered the shop it had been completely ransacked – they even took the fitting room curtains.”

Over recent weeks, there has been a £10,000 raid on a jewellers in the city, whilst a similar burglary at an opticians was thwarted by metal bars inside a door.

Speaking about the incidents, which are thought to be unrelated, sergeant Graeme Prentice said:

“Shop owners should be aware that the back of their shops is the weakest spot for entering. I would urge all businesses to make themselves safer.”

Popular Girls reopened on 21st Saturday April. Extra precautions such as security shutters can help businesses to remain secure when closed for business, as well as deter burglars.

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