Elderly day centre hit by third break-in

An elderly day care centre in Dursley in Gloucestershire has been targeted by thieves for the third time in a month, leaving volunteers worried for the future.

The latest break in to the premises, which are not protected by security shutters, happened overnight on Wednesday 4th July. Police are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information about the break-in to come forward.

The thieves managed to get away with just £200 worth of teabags, a few large tins of coffee and £10 in cash when they broke in via the back door of the property.

The burglary took place just days after volunteers had restocked supplies following the second burglary.

Talking about the latest attack, Gill Davis, secretary of the group responsible for the centre, the Dursley and District Old People’s Welfare Committee, said:

“We’ve just restocked and they’ve taken it again. We’ve had to have the locksmith in again to secure the back door. We just can’t believe it.”

Davis went on to add:

“We’re getting worried that if there’s a next time they might start causing damage. This is the third time now.”

Volunteers at the centre have been buoyed by support from the local community. After the first two break-ins, more than £600 was received in donations. Much of this will now be used to cover the costs with the latest break in.

Relying completely on donations from the local community and the efforts of volunteers, the centre will now not hold cash or supplies on the property in the hope of deterring further incidents.

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