Essex designer sports store suffers break in

A group of thieves have broken into a sports clothing store in Brentwood in Essex and have stolen popular and high-end brands worth around £15,000.

The raid happened at the Brand Hut store on the high street in the town, in what the 29 year-old businesses owner suspects could be an attack by a fellow trader in the fashion industry.

Talking about the theft, Mr Shabon said:

“The most popular items were stolen and it makes me wonder whether it is a competitor.”

Having broken in through a fire escape on the roof which did not have any security shutters, the group broke down two doors, disabled the alarm and took stock directly from the store room.

Whilst there was CCTV in place, both the recording and the recording equipment were taken in the raid.

The break-in came as something of a shock to the owner, who felt the area was a good place to start his business. Feeling it was a good town which would offer him a great place to start his business, the store has only been open for a couple of months.

Mr Shabon, a Londoner, went on to say:

“I thought it was completely safe here, but this is a nightmare.”

The incident took place between 8pm on April 2 and 10am on April 3 and police are appealing for anyone with information about the crime to come forward.

Major brands were taken in the burglary, including trainers, baseball caps, bags and other goods by Adidas.

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