External security shutters

The external security shutters we supply at DMI Security Group Ltd are an ideal way to protect your business premises from crime, as they deter potential criminals from even trying to enter. Solidly constructed from galvanised steel, they form a visual barrier which is intimidating to burglars and offers peace of mind for the owner of a building.

However, as well as offering great protection from crime, they also come with many other benefits. Here are just three of these advantages:

Insulation and cost savings

Modern external security shutters offer fantastic insulation, both when it is hot and when it is cold outside. Insulated with polyurethane, they offer a thick wall to keep rooms cool or warm depending on what is happening with the ever-changing UK weather.

Due to the great insulating properties of external security shutters, the difference they can make to energy bills in a business premises is significant. Whether reducing the use of air-conditioning units or ensuring that heaters can be switched on later on in the year, energy bills can be kept down.

Shutters can be used throughout the day and at night too, providing excellent additional cover for windows and doors – traditionally the biggest areas of energy leak age in any building. Protecting this weak point in more ways than one, they can help you to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as preventing any criminal footprints from being made.

Weather, noise and light protection

As well as being able to keep the worst, or the best, of the outdoor temperatures out, external security shutters can also be used to keep out many other things. Not only are unwelcome guests kept out, but light can also be controlled, preventing distraction in the workplace and limiting damaging daylight from hitting materials.

Noise too can be adequately handled with the shutters, whether to provide protection for other premises in the area from loud workshops, or to protect your own premises. They are also perfect for keeping out the worst of the autumn and winter weather, particularly when the heavy rain and high winds extend into the supposedly calmer months.

Protecting privacy

Another great benefit to external security shutters is the privacy they afford. Whether to prevent passers-by from curiously looking in or to ensure employees are able to work away without distraction, they can be a real plus to businesses having easily controllable shutters on their windows and doors.

Safe and secure with shutters

When constructed to the highest of standards from the best materials, external security shutters also offer great protection from fire too. Able to remain integral up to peak temperatures in most office fires, it is an additional security benefit.

The external security shutters we provide not only protect from invasive crime, but against many other accidents, deliberate acts and natural happenings too. As a visual deterrence and a physical barrier, they will constantly deliver. To see how we can help you protect your business more effectively, call DMI Security Group Ltd today.

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