Family narrowly escape pub ram raid

A family, including a young baby, were sleeping above a Stenson pub when ram raiders struck recently.

A group of burglars drove a large van into the hefty wooden door of The Bubble Inn as five month old Tommy Eleftheriou slept beside his doting mum, Natasha.

Once the ram raiders had gained entry to the Derbyshire pub, they set about opening the safe, making off with over £3,500 in takings. They also ransacked the pub before fleeing when Connie, the owner of The Bubble Inn and father to Tommy, disturbed them as he returned home from an evening out with friends.

Local police have made arrests in connection with the burglary, revealing that a 46 year old man and another aged 28 have been taken into custody. They also revealed they are making inquiries as to whether the pair may be responsible for a couple of other recent forced entries.

Pub owner Connie Eleftheriou said of the incident:

“My five-month-old son and wife were asleep upstairs when they smashed through the doors. The raiders then cut the alarm system and took money from the safe, ransacking the pub.

“I’m a trained boxer and if I had got my hands on them I would have given them a good hiding – although the police have since told me that if I had it would be me that was up before the courts.”

Business owners who are worried about similar break-ins will find that beefing up security with roller shutters and steel doors can help to prevent such incidents.

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