Five businesses that benefit from security shutters

Security shutters are extremely beneficial for any business that wants to make its premises more secure. High quality roller shutters can make it much more difficult for thieves to gain entry and they can also cut down on instances of vandalism, which can be costly to set straight. Below are just five businesses which could significantly benefit from having security shutters installed.


Banks are, perhaps, the businesses which need the most protection. Since huge volumes of money go through banks each day, they are very often the target of thieves and ram raiders, and this means that they need to do as much as possible to make their premises secure. By installing security shutters, banks are providing one extra barrier to thieves – and this could be the difference between a successful heist and an unsuccessful one.

Post offices

Like banks, post offices are well-known for dealing in large volumes of cash, and this can attract a lot of unwanted attention. This means that, not only do post offices need to protect their staff with the use of alarms, safety glass and the like, but they also need to protect their premises. By installing CCTV, burglar alarms and security doors, post offices can warn off potential thieves and make it much more difficult for them to gain entry to their building.

Off licences

Anyone who regularly reads the news will know that off licences are plagued by robberies, break-ins and ram raids. Quite often, they are seen as easy targets, partly due to their late opening hours and partly because they are often situated in isolated locations. They are also targeted because they sell goods like alcohol and cigarettes, which are easy for criminals to sell on. As ram raids are particularly common at off licences, security shutters are one of the best methods to prevent theft. A good security shutter will provide a formidable barrier against a ram raid attack and will put off all but the most determined criminals from even attempting such a robbery.


Supermarkets are more often faced with shoplifters than burglars, but due to their very nature, a significant number of burglary attempts are made each year. Not only that, but windows and doorways are often vandalised too, and this is something which simply would not be possible if roller shutters were there to protect the vulnerable parts of the stores.

High street stores

High street stores, because of their location, reap many benefits from having security shutters installed. First, shops that opt to install roller shutters are less likely to be targeted by burglars than those which do not, because burglars will almost always go for the easy option. Secondly, because they are on the high street, these stores will see many more acts of vandalism from drunken revellers and this can be expensive to put right each weekend, so having shutters in place over doors and windows is a smart move. The amount of money shop owners will have to spend to put right acts of vandalism will dwindle, and their stores will look more attractive to customers during the day when the shutters are up.

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