Five places where window bars might be used

Burglaries are a huge problem for both businesses and homeowners. There are lots of opportunistic people out there who are more than willing to gain entry to a building in order to steal valuable goods. This means it is vital that all property owners do everything they can to secure their homes and businesses. One of the main ways that burglars and thieves gain entry into property is through windows. Therefore, the more secure you can make your windows, the less likely you will be targeted by thieves. One of the simplest, most affordable and most effective ways of securing windows is by installing window bars on the property.

What are window bars?

Window bars are simply metal bars which can be installed on the interior or exterior of windows in order to provide a barrier, stopping burglars from gaining entry. They can also be used to prevent children from falling out of windows. Below are five places where window bars might be used to good effect:


Offices are often jam-packed with expensive equipment, including computers, furniture, photocopiers and many more valuables, which makes them a massive target for criminals who will try to gain entry to company premises in any way they can.

By installing window bars in offices, you can make it impossible for burglars to gain entry and deter them from even trying. There are a number of different window bars available, but retractable bars are a good choice for offices, as they can be kept out of sight in business hours, when companies may not want their client seeing them. They can simply be pulled back into place when the building’s windows need to be secured.


Like offices, shops are vulnerable to break-in because of the products and cash on the premises. Window bars can help to secure store-fronts, so that anyone who does try to gain entry will have a difficult time doing so. Used in conjunction with security shutters and burglar alarms, window bars will make the average shop pretty impenetrable.


Homes are also highly susceptible to break-ins and having your home burgled is one of the worst things that can happen. In order to keep your family and possessions safe, install window bars on your windows to block one possible point of entry. Window bars are available in a number of colours and styles, so you can always find an attractive solution to match your home.


Window bars are great for hotels with lots of floors. They can prevent children, and possibly drunk guests, from falling out of windows and causing themselves serious injuries. There have been so many cases of people falling from hotel windows and balconies, that it would make sense to install protective window bars to prevent such tragedies.


Finally, some prisons and police stations still use window bars on some of their windows, for extra security. They are great for simultaneously keeping people in and out.

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