Four checks to make on your premises before you leave

Whether you are leaving your home or your place of business, you will need to ensure that you have left the building in a safe and secure state. Opportunist thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target and there is no target easier than an unsecured building. Furthermore, you could be leaving your property open to fire, or flood, if you do not ensure that the premises is in good condition and everything above order before you leave for the night. Below are just four important checks to make on your premises before you leave for the night.

Secure windows

The first thing that you must do before leaving the premises for the night is ensure that all windows are secured. Even a window which is open a crack can give burglars a way in, so you will need to systematically go around the building, ensuring that all windows are closed and locked as you do so. By doing this, you are giving burglars one fewer option for entering your building, and this could be enough to save your premises from a burglary attempt.

Lock all doors

Before leaving your premises, you should never neglect to check that all doors are locked. So often, people will remember to lock the door they exit from, but will neglect to check all other doors on the premises and this leaves a building vulnerable. So, whenever you are leaving the building, be sure to check the other doors too. If you operate a business which has many entryways, then you should set up a system whereby staff can log and check which doors have been secured, so that you do not have to check every door yourself.

Turn on alarms and activate any security measures

Before leaving your premises, it is important that you should turn on any burglar alarms and CCTV you have and activate any other security measures such as retractable gates, window shutters and security doors. There is little point in forking out for expensive security measures if you neglect to use them. Activating all of your security measures will make a huge difference, so do not fail to do so.

Turn off appliances

Finally, before you leave your premises, you should always check that you have turned off any appliances, gadgets, or utilities which could pose a risk. Leaving a tap running or a heater plugged in could pose a very serious risk and you could return to a burnt out or flooded building the next day, so it is absolutely vital that you take the time to check that you have turned everything off at the mains. It may seem tedious or time consuming to do so, but when you think about the potential risks and the costs of putting any damage right, it really puts things into perspective.

If you carry out these four checks before leaving your premises, you will significantly lower a number of risks to your building, save money and protect your property, so ensure you have a good checking system in place.

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