“Heartless” thieves target cancer charity building site

Police are seeking the help of anyone who can provide information about a break-in Glasgow, which saw construction tools stolen from a charity building site.

The incident happened on the site of a new main office being built for Cancer Support Scotland, which is located within the grounds of the Gartnavel Hospital.

The theft of the equipment, which included a number of power tools took place between the evening of Thursday May 17th, and the morning of Friday May 18th. Thieves managed to gain access to the site, by forcing entry through plywood shutters, used in the place of metal security shutters.

Speaking about the break-in, the chief executive for the charity, Colin Graham, said:

“What these people have done is heartless and has angered us all.”

Because of the theft of the tools, which included several drills and a sander, work was held up with very little done by the carpenters on the Friday. Mr Graham went on, saying:

“We plan to move into our new centre in under three months, but there is still a lot of work to do.”

As well as being a setback to the plans for the charity, the thefts also left many of the construction site workers out of pocket, with Richard Shields, the site manager saying:

“I’m just disappointed that somebody would do that, it obviously affects the livelihood of these guys – a lot of them are self-employed.”

Providing valuable support to those affected by cancer and their friends and family, the charity’s new centre aims to help 1,400 people annually.

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