Home security threatened by teenage key-holders

A recent survey has suggested that parents who give house keys to their teenage children are at a higher risk of falling victim to burglary than those who don’t.

The research, carried out by home insurance comparison company Confused.com, reveals that 40 per cent of home-owning parents are leaving a set of keys to their property with children under the age of 18. Furthermore, the survey found that 18 per cent of these key-holders are in the age bracket of 9-11 and eight per cent are younger than nine years old.

The research also revealed that more than 16 per cent of those asked had, at some point, returned home to find the main door of their property unlocked or had a child lose a key, putting emphasis on just how risky it can be.

Commenting on the risks, Confused.com’s Head of Home Insurance, Gareth Kloet, said:

“Getting the ‘key to the door’ at 18 or 21 is a bit of an out-dated concept now that some children receive house keys aged nine or under. While we are not surprised to find that times have changed, we want to emphasise that putting such a young child in charge of home security could be a risk to them and to the safety of the family home and property.”

According to the website, giving house keys to young children is one of the most commonly overlooked security threats affecting homeowners. Those who are particularly concerned about home security can take comfort by installing extra measures such as window bars and mesh grills.

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