How to install shop security shutters

Shop security shutters offer a safe and affordable means of protecting stores from instances of vandalism and theft. Although it is possible to install them yourself, (and we’ll show you how below) it is often simpler to call in a professional who can install them for you. By doing so, you will receive a quick efficient service and correctly installed shop security shutters each and every time.


When you buy shop security shutters, most of them will come with detailed instructions to help you along. If your shutters are not supplied with a manual and all the needed fixtures and fittings, you should contact the suppliers immediately. That is why the first thing you should do is check that all parts and instructions are present.

Step 1

Once you are sure all is present and correct, you will need to set about making some markings and measurements to ensure that your shop security shutters are fitted correctly.

Step 2

Drill holes into the hollow parts of the guide as directed. You will probably need to drill larger holes into the small holes in order to allow passage of screws. When working with a cavity free wall, you will also need to drill a hole at the height of the switch into the back of the guide if the shutters are electric.

Step 3

Attach the end plate legs to the box end. If using electric shop security shutters, you will also need to drill a hole into the wall, which can be used to pass wiring through.

Step 4

Rivet the guides onto the end plate legs.

Step 5

Take the shop security shutters and hold them up to the guide, making sure they are level. Using a drill, make holes in the brig area of the guide and attach the shutters to the wall or recess using plugs.

Step 6

If using electric shutters, now is the time to thread the motor cable through the hole you drilled for it. You will also need to use silicone to form a seal around it.

Step 7

Get an electrician to attach the electric cabling to the operator.

Step 8

Ensure the shutters are turned right down before screwing the top screw of the motor head into place. Then do the same with the lower screw.

So there you have it, installing shop security shutters in a nutshell. Of course, it is even easier to have a professional install the shutters for you. If you are short on time, or your DIY skills are not the best, then it is an especially good idea, and since you will need to call in an electrician to do any wiring anyway, it is usually well worth paying for a professional installation.

If you do choose to have your shop security shutters professionally installed, ensure that the company you use has a good track record, and all of their staff are fully trained to make sure you get the best possible installation job done.

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