How to make your garage burglary proof

One of the most common ways that burglars find their way into a home is through the garage. Typically, the garage has less security and because it is away from the main hub of the home, there are fewer eyes on it. This makes it the perfect place for thieves to slip in without being seen. Due to this fact, we should all be doing more to ensure that our garages are as burglary proof as possible, but few of us bother with any security at all. This is something that we have to change if we want our family, homes and garages to be as safe and secure as possible. With that in mind, here are some great tips which will help anyone burglar proof their garage.

The garage door

When securing a garage, you need to look carefully at every point of entry to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that could let a burglar slip in unnoticed. It is always good to start with the main entrance. By installing a sturdy door, you can make it much more difficult for would be thieves to get in.

Steel security doors are ideal because they are extremely durable and strong, and they can keep all but the best equipped thieves at bay. Roller shutters are another good option, as they provide a good level of protection against theft. You may also want to consider automatic garage door openers, which require you to use codes to gain entry to your garage.

Additional entryways

Many garages not only have a main access door, but also a door that leads into the main home. It is very important to secure this door so that burglars cannot get into the main part of the home. Using steel security doors that have been fitted with deadbolts can make these doors very secure, and make it much harder for would be thieves to gain entry.


If your garage has any windows, then these are weak points that could be exploited. Therefore, it is a good idea to install window bars, mesh grills or security shutters over them. By doing so, you are blocking off a potential entryway and bolstering the security of your garage.


Many garage burglars use vehicles, which they load up with stolen goods. This is a tough crime to prevent, as having a vehicle parked up on the driveway is in no way suspicious. However, there is a way to stop this type of garage burglary in its tracks – retractable gates. These are gates that can be put up when you want to block access and retracted when you need to put your vehicle in the garage. They are great for stopping park and grab garage burglaries.


Finally, you should take great care to maintain your garage to a high standard. By ensuring locks are secure, hinges are oiled and grills are free from rust, you can make sure that your garage is as secure and burglar proof as it is possible to be.

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