How to Secure your Commercial Premises

Break-ins and burglaries of commercial premises continue to be one of the more unsavoury challenges affecting businesses in the London area.

Statistics from the Metropolitan Police reveal that in September 2012 alone, the number of non-residential burglaries in London stood at 2,506 – a rise of 136 such incidents, or 5.7% on figures for September 2011.

Fortunately there are several simple and cost-effective security measures which can be deployed.

The value of deploying additional security measures for a business

Whilst it is always important to be insured to cover any damage or losses, the value of taking out additional security measures cannot be overestimated.

There is plenty of evidence that by installing simple and cost-effective security measures – including collapsible gates, security cages, retractable grills, steel doors, roller shutter doors, and roller shutters – London commercial premises can immediately become more effective against potential break-ins.

Meanwhile, for those who might baulk at the idea of investing in collapsible gates, steel doors, roller shutter doors, and other quality security measures such as retractable grills and security cages, it is worth noting that this cost is relatively low; and that an expert fitting of – say – a good set of roller shutters on London industrial premises is usually guaranteed for many years.

The growing adoption of roller shutters by London businesses

Whilst it would of course be wrong to claim that increases in installations of both roller shutter doors and roller shutters are London phenomena only – (there are after all many commercial premises with roller shutter doors and roller shutters outside the capital) – it is certainly true that a great many London businesses have benefitted from the installation of roller shutter doors and roller shutters.

Security roller shutters and roller shutter doors consist of many rows of metallic slats or tubes linked together by hinges – making them flexible enough to be raised or lowered as and when necessary and yet sufficiently resilient to help withstand attempted break-ins.

London retail outlets have, in particular, been keen on protecting their windows and doors with portcullis security roller shutters and roller shutter doors. With their built-in spaces, portcullis roller shutter doors and roller shutters help London shops continue to display their wares whilst still providing a protective shield against attempted break-ins.

The flexibility of being able to order security roller shutters and roller shutter doors in a variety of colours and sizes has further encouraged the purchase of roller shutters among London businesses.

This is because, even when opaque, many roller shutter doors and roller shutters in London premises can still be made to fit in with corporate colours or other design initiatives.

The installation of larger, heavy duty roller shutters at London premises which have vulnerable wide and open entrances – such as garages – has also been encouraged by the provision of convenient electric opening and shutting mechanisms.

Collapsible gates and retractable grills – sound alternatives to security roller shutters

Whilst the installation of security roller shutters is an effective and popular measure against break-ins, many businesses in London and beyond have also opted for the equally effective alternatives of collapsible gates and retractable grills.

Collapsible gates and retractable grills are similar to portcullis security roller shutters in that they contain built in-gaps which enable a clear view inside the premises by passers-buy.

Collapsible gates and retractable grills consist of a protective metallic lattice shield made up of panels of flexible cross-over metallic strips sandwiched between vertical bars.

Unlike the pull-up and pull-down mechanism of security roller shutters, collapsible gates and retractable grills open and close in a sideways direction through the widening or collapsing of the cross-over strips over and on top of themselves. Closed collapsible gates and retractable grills are therefore stacked neatly to one side.

It is often thought that – even more so than portcullis security roller shutters – collapsible gates and retractable grills are extremely aesthetically pleasing when closed. This is largely attributable to the lattice pattern of collapsible gates and retractable grills when shut.

It is also said to be down to the fact that collapsible gates and retractable grills have a more traditional or nostalgic look than many security roller shutters.

Steel doors and security cages – two other important security measures

Steel doors and security cages are also well worth considering when it comes to protecting businesses and their contents.

Steel doors are often chosen simply because they offer a much tougher and far less malleable barrier than conventional wooden doors.

Steel doors open and shut just like standard doors. They are also lockable with a key in the same way as other doors.

Despite being heavier and more formidable than wooden doors, steel doors are available in a wide variety of designs. This benefit, together with their availability in an extensive range of colours, means that steel doors can fit into offices and premises surprisingly unobtrusively.

Security cages on the other hand enable valuable merchandise or high security areas to be sectioned off.

Often tailored in their design to specific customer needs, security cages can come in a wide variety of styles. There are, for example, those security cages which can be easily moved, and other security cages which are permanent fixtures.

A customer can request security cages with lockable access doors whilst other security cages may simply contain removable panels.

Security cages can even be fitted with intelligent monitoring equipment, such as the means to record the identity of each person operating the lock, and the time when such activity takes place.

The importance of seeking expert advice as soon as possible

In addition to considering the merits of the various security measures detailed above, it is also worth taking professional advice to ensure that any installations carried out are the most appropriate to your particular business needs.

In the meantime, it is worth reflecting on the viewpoint of most security experts that the ease and speed with which these security measures can be put in place, their relative cost effectiveness, and the considerable distress and disruption caused by any break-in, militates against any excuses for delaying taking action on security.

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