Ilkley charity shop reopens after break-in

A Sue Ryder Care charity shop in Ilkley, has launched a new book section, just a few short weeks after a burglary which left hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

The break-in to the popular charity store on the Cowpasture Road in the West Yorkshire town took place towards the end of March. The burglars broke in, leaving doors that needed to be replaced and wreaking havoc on the displays.

Though the store does not tend to stock valuable items, the thieves still took the opportunity to search through much of the inventory. All they managed to steal in the end were a few pieces of costume jewellery, though the real cost came in the way of the repair bill left behind.

The damage caused has finally been repaired since the March 23rd incident, and the opening of the new first-floor secondhand books section shows that staff will not be put off by the break-in.

The work the store does in the local area holds a great deal of importance. Helping cancer care hospices throughout the immediate area, the funds raised are vital to the ongoing support of patients and their families.

That a charity shop has been targeted by thieves left many disgusted, but throughout the country similar cases are often seen. Fortunately, such crimes in Ilkley area rare, with just ten burglaries being seen in the town throughout March in total.

To help deter criminals and vandals from causing costly repair bills, police and local authorities suggest that precautions be taken, such as the installation of security shutters and retractable security gates.

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