Installing electric shutters – a step-by-step guide

Installing electric shutters is a fairly simple process which will ensure that any property is much more secure than it was before. Electric shutters are safe, secure and very convenient. They can be used in shops, homes and industrial buildings. Below is a step-by-step guide to installing electric shutters correctly.

You will need:



10 and 5 mm drill bits

5mm masonry drill bit

Roller shutters (including fixtures and fittings)

Step 1

First, you will need to make various markings so that you know where to drill. You must mark the top position of the electric shutters, also marking the width of the roller shutters as you do so. Using these marks, you can then make vertical markings to the side of the windows to which you are installing shutters. You should use a spirit level to ensure your markings are level both horizontally and vertically.

If it is required in your manual, you should now drill a hole for your mains power.

Step 2

Measure out the head box depth and the distance down the side of the openings (starting from the top markings.) You will then know where to position the top window guides.

Step 3

If installing your electric shutters on the wall, you should now place the guide in the marked position and work out where the best place to fix them is. Once you have done so, drill through both sides of the guide and insert plugs as and when needed.

If installing electric shutters in the reveal, you will need to drill holes of 10mm on the curtain side and 5mm on the other side. 10mm plugs should be inserted.

Step 4

Place the guide legs into position and put the electric shutter guides onto the legs. Then, place the outline of the shutters on the wall so that you can mark the points where they should be fixed. Drill into the wall at these markings and insert plugs.

Step 5

Put the roller shutters in place and thread the cable from the motor to the hole drilled in Step 1. Screw electric shutters into place.

Step 6

Put the bottom bar of the curtain into the guides

Step 7

Call in an electrician to wire up your electric shutters.

Step 8

Using the buttons on the motor end of the shutters, you can set the positioning of your shutters. You should consult the manual to help you with this.

Step 9

Once you have correctly determined the position of your roller shutters, you will need to ensure your shutters are in a down position and then you should affix the head box to the wall on both sides of the end plate.

Step 10

Finally, you will need to rivet the motor cover plate into position and affix the head box cover. Once this is done, you should test your shutters and, providing you followed all the steps, they should be fully working and ready to protect your property.

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