Jewellers on the lookout after Bromsgrove burglary

Jewellers in the Bromsgrove area have been asked to stay vigilant after a number of sentimental pieces were stolen during an incident in Barnt Green over the weekend.

Belongings worth more than £2,400 were taken from the house on Hewell Road at some point between 6.30pm, Saturday (12th January) and the early hours of Sunday (13th January) morning.

Raiders broke a window to enter the house while the property’s tenants were away for the night.

Among the pieces taken were a gold necklace worth £250, a gold chain worth £250 and another similar necklace that is worth, again, £250. A necklace of pearl which incorporates an emerald stone was also taken during the raid.

Thieves then took a large flat-screen TV and a laptop. Cash, which was kept inside a purse made from black leather belonging to the homeowner, was also taken.

Det Con Tony Flanagan from Bromsgrove Police stated that nearby residents had been made aware of the incident and his colleagues were working hard with CCTV footage to find clues. He said:

“Any burglary is distressing for the victims, but in this instance there has been additional upset for the owner as the jewellery stolen was of particular sentimental value.”

It is expected that the thieves will attempt to sell the items on to nearby jewellery shops. Police are contacting shop owners to ensure they are on the lookout for the pieces.

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