The benefits of lockable security gates

With a growing need for state of the art property security solutions, it is essential the most effective barrier is chosen. We understand this completely at DMI Security Group Ltd, and go to great lengths to ensure we offer the best options possible. This includes providing a series of lockable security gates, which are particularly great for businesses requiring constant access to premises.

The basics of lockable security gates

Gates are perhaps the most overlooked and undervalued factor in any security system but it is essentially the first form of defence, usually placed between private property and public space. A security gate is charged with fulfilling two distinct responsibilities; deterrence and protection.

As a deterrence, security gates show a very real and physical defence to anyone considering committing any criminal activity on or in a property. With a significant proportion of criminals opportunistic, such a barrier will often negate any threat instantly.

As a protective barrier, security gates provide an efficient and effective solution. Strong and robust, they are able to withstand high impacts from objects propelled with force. More than this, they also provide effective resilience to cutting tools, with the toughened steel protection and galvanisation working to great effect.

Lockable security gates for the home

As much as having the best security in the workplace is essential, it is also sensible to have great security at home. Gates can be an important part of this, with a number of benefits provided as well as the obvious protection. Safety, for example, is another important aspect.

Ahead of anything else though, installing a lockable gate at a driveway or other entranceway offers fantastic security. Working much the same way as they do for commercial properties, they work to keep out invited people, with the toughened steel bars being too much of a challenge and too much work for most criminals.

They are an effective deterrent against criminals too and, when used in line with other security systems, can be extremely intimidating to those selecting targets. It is all about making your property seem as unappealing as possible to vandals and burglars.

One benefit of security gates that many people do not consider at first is the additional safety they provide, particularly for young families and those with pets. When closed and locked, they are a great way to prevent kids and animals getting out onto potentially busy roads. Smaller internal gates are great too, and can be installed seamlessly to provide safety inside the home.

For homes and businesses, another great aspect of lockable security gates is that they are easy to maintain and clean. With few moving parts, they can be cleaned with nothing more than regular household products.

Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, we provide lockable gates which are proven to work, with many options LPCB approved. To see how our solutions can give you the security you need, at home or at work, feel free to call us now and chat to our friendly and professional team.

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