London shopping centre targeted by bike gang

An armed gang has hit a jewellery shop in a north London shopping centre, carrying out the raid on motorbikes driven through the centre.

Brent Cross, one of the most profitable retail areas in the UK, was hit by six people on three bikes, all dressed in dark clothing and with dark-visored helmets,

The bike passengers, said to be armed with axes and bats, dismounted the vehicles and quickly smashed their way through the unprotected windows.

No one was hurt in the incident, although an elderly member of the public was treated for shock at the scene.

The store targeted, which had opened just 15 minutes earlier, was Fraser Hart. The robbers – said by witnesses to be particularly interested in high-end Cartier and Rolex watches – are estimated to have fled with up to £2m worth of stock.

An eye witness also said the other stores were quick to protect themselves. The shopper, from nearby Hertfordshire, said:

“It was very frightening. I could not believe it was happening.”

The witness went on to say that following the attack, all nearby shops quickly pulled down their security shutters.

The Flying Squad has taken over the investigation of the incident, which happened at 10.15am on Tuesday 6th November 2012.

The investigating detectives are appealing for help from anyone with information. They are seeking witnesses at the shopping centre, and anyone who saw the bikes being driven from Brent Cross to Mill Hill, where they were found abandoned shortly after 10.30am.

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