Man arrested over metal theft which put jobs at risk

A Coventry man has been arrested in connection with a scrap metal theft from a high profile car parts firm, which has put jobs at risk.

Earlier this month, the factory of Shropshire-based Cobra Seats was broken into, with 4000 recliner seat mechanisms being taken. Though the scrap value of the metal accounts for just a few hundred pounds, the knock on cost of the theft could be worth £400,000.

Causing much of the present business operations to be stalled until the new year, staff at the company could have to work short weeks.

Cobra Seats, which is responsible for producing car seats used in the British Touring Car Championship, has set up a reward for the return of the parts.

Explaining the effect on the business, the firm’s managing director Mark Dunsford said:

“The mechanisms are of no use to anyone else, so they must be targeted for their scrap value.

“The ridiculous thing is that their scrap value is just a few hundred pounds – a fraction of what they cost us to buy from our German suppliers. They can of course be replaced but not for three months, which means that unless we recover them we will have to wind down production, put staff on short time and let down clients.

“If anyone has bought the goods in good faith we will more than reimburse them for their outlay providing we can get the parts back and maintain production.”

One of a string of metal thefts across the Midlands in recent years, businesses are urged to protect stocks with adequate security measures, such as fencing, window bars and lockable security gates.

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