Manchester police hunt for school thieves

Police in Greater Manchester are urging people to come forward with information about a break-in, which left a Trafford school without computer equipment.

Stretford High School in the borough was targeted in early November 2012.

Police believe that three men took part in the crime, with two entering the school while another stood lookout. They are all described as white men, dressed in hooded tops.

There is a better description of the lookout, with the alleged criminal being caught on the school’s CCTV. He is said to be aged between 18 and 25, 5ft 8in tall and with a slim to medium build. He is seen dressed in a grey hooded top and tracksuit bottoms. A white scarf was also used to obscure his face.

The two men who entered the school did so by breaking their way through an unprotected window. They managed to flee with five Apple iMac computers. The school could possibly now consider security shutters to avoid repeat incidents.

Talking about the continued search for the gang, PC Andy Reynolds said:

“This incident has not only affected the school, it has also inconvenienced pupils and disrupted their learning.

“I am sure the community will be shocked to hear that criminals have gone to such lengths to steal from a school.

“Since the break-in we have carried out a number of enquiries. CCTV footage has helped us to piece together a sequence of events, but now we are asking for the public’s help.

The police believe the thefts took place around 8:00 pm on Saturday 3rd November, at the same time a large bonfire and firework display was taking place in the area.

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