Men charged with fashion shop raid

The UK has seen a spate of ram raids hit its shops in recent months, one of the latest being a ram raid against a designer clothing store in Brighton.

The raid was carried out on the store early in the morning on 3rd September. The store targeted was Profile, which is situated along Ship Street.

A car was driven, at speed, through the window of the clothes shop and around £30,000 worth of designer clothing – including high-end brands like Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci – were taken by the thieves, who later had to dump their designer swag when they were interrupted by local police officers.

The clothing was dumped on the roadside at The Lanes, which is where the thieves also left their getaway vehicle, a Ford KA. Following this, the thieves got into another vehicle, with which they rammed a police vehicle before fleeing once again.

Two men, Dean Taylor, 26, and Ryan McLean, 30, have been arrested for the ram raid and were both charged with burglary and possession of cannabis. Taylor was further charged with a historic offence, while McLean was also charged with criminal damage for ramming the police car.

Shop owners who are worried about the threat of similar break-ins are advised to up their security in order to prevent ram raid attacks on their shops. Steel doors, window bars and security shutters are all strong preventative measures shopkeepers in their fight against burglars, ram raiders and vandals.

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