New beach kiosk to include security glass and shutters

A brand new kiosk at Aberavon Beach has been granted planning permission and security shutters are to very much be the order of the day.

The state-of-the-art refreshment facility, which will also see a unisex and disabled toilet block, as well as a baby-changing area included in the design, will cost a total of £100,000 to build.

It is to be located on land overlooking Swn-Y-Mor and should therefore deliver excellent views for visitors.

As well as selling the traditional beach-side refreshments of soft drinks, teas and coffees and ice-creams, there will also be a facility to sell toys and other goods.

The speed with which the kiosk will be put up should be quite rapid, as it will be using prefabricated metal panels in its construction.

The overall look should be something of a contemporary spin on the classic American 1950s diner, with the look said to include a

“rounded roof (which) will have a contemporary stainless steel covering”

according to a spokesperson from the council.

To ensure protection from the elements and any acts of crime, the kiosk will also see security glass being installed in the aluminium windows. Electric security shutters will also be installed on the site.

It should create a pleasant area to meet friends and relax with family, with a paving area also included in the plans.

With the space for tables and chairs, it is hoped the kiosk will play a part in boosting the local economy through the year and most certainly during the summer season, public holidays and school holidays.

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