North Yorkshire Police use technology to combat burglaries

Police in North Yorkshire have launched an iBook in attempt to keep homeowners safe from burglaries.

The 60-page digital book, which is titled ‘Securing Your Home’, contains a wealth of information on crime prevention that has been written to help residents in the area avoid incidents of theft.

The interactive guide – which is available to be downloaded either from the website of North Yorkshire Police or Apple’s popular iTunes store – is the first of its kind to be published in the UK.

As well as containing hundreds of hints to help readers secure their home, the book will make use of the technology with a number of helpful videos; many of which contain helpful prevention tips that have been provided by community support officers from the area.

The book was designed by the force’s officer for digital media, Tom Stirling, who explained that it was created at no major cost to the police. He said:

“We are always looking for new, innovative ways to communicate with the public and get crime prevention messages across in the most effective way possible. We thought that by publishing an iBook all our tips to keep criminals at bay can be accessed in one place whenever people need advice.”

It is thought that a third of North Yorkshire burglaries occur as a result of properties not being secured by homeowners. It is hoped that the new book will go some way to help lower this figure.

One way in which the area’s residents are able to lower the risk of being burgled is by using security shutters and lockable security gates.

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