Northampton neighbours foil burglary

Vigilant neighbours at Wollaton Road, Northampton, helped to stop a burglary which was in process by alerting the police, who caught the two criminals in the act.

The court heard that the two offenders, Shannon Dar and Adam Blake, had decided to find a suitable home to burgle after leaving local bookies. However, things did not go to plan, and their attempted burglary was foiled when observant neighbours noticed them banging on the door of a home belonging to a couple. The two occupants were out at work at the time of the incident, which took place last year on 2nd October.

When the men disappeared to the rear of the home, they attempted to gain entry to the building by kicking the door off its hinges. This was to be their ultimate downfall, as it set of a burglar alarm the owners had previously installed.

Burglar Blake had a history of committing burglaries in the area; he was sentenced to a year in prison after confessing that he had attempted to burgle the Wollaton Road house.

Andrew Hamilton, the Judge on the case, said:

“If it hadn’t been for the alarm going off, they would have gone in and stolen what they could get their hands on. You were caught because police came quickly and because neighbours opposite kept a close eye on what was going on and gave a full description of clothing to police.”

His accomplice, Shannon Dar, was handed a one year sentence.

It is clear that taking security precautions, such as installing burglar alarms and roller shutters, can help to prevent burglaries.

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