Northamptonshire hit by series of burglaries

Northamptonshire Police has admitted it is faced with a fight after an alarming rise in the number of burglaries taking place in the area.

Vehicle crime and burglary figures have rocketed in the area over the last year. The rise comes after Northamptonshire Police shifted its focus towards violent crimes 16 months ago.

Vehicle break-in incidents increased by 11% in the year leading up to September 2012, while the number of home burglaries grew by 10% in the same period. Recent reports have also revealed that the burglary figures have continued to grow since then.

In December 2012, the force recorded 347 break-in incidents – an average of 10 homes per day.

Northamptonshire Police saw massive reductions in car crime, robberies and burglaries when it launched Operation Guardian in 2009, but the initiative’s impact has diminished since another operation was launched that put emphasis on combatting violence.

Adrian Lee, the force’s Chief Constable, thinks the county’s police should be covering all bases. He said:

“The message from the force has been very strong. This force has to be good at reducing violent crime and serious inquisitive crime such as the burglaries and the motor vehicle theft. We’ve got to stop thinking we can only have one priority. We’ve got to be good at doing both and we are becoming extremely good at doing both.”

It has been suggested that retailers lowering prices could lead to a crime reduction. Homeowners are also being encouraged to step up their home security efforts by introducing measures such as electric shutters and retractable grilles.

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