Overall crime in Sutton down but burglaries rise

Crime in the Sutton area of Greater London has been reduced by 5% – but the burglary numbers have risen sharply.

In the 12 months since April 2012, the number of criminal incidents in Sutton dropped by 5.2%, or 606 victims. Crime in the area has fallen every year since 2009.

However, in a stark contrast, burglaries have risen by 18.6%, or 137 victims. Also, car-related incidents have risen 8.3%.

Guy Ferguson, the town’s Borough Commander, said that the overall reduction is good news but the force is disappointed with the burglary numbers. Talking about the plans to improve security for residents, he said:

“We are getting some good information from residents about criminal and anti-social behaviour and we are acting on this information – as a result we are carrying out search and arrest warrants almost every day to make these activities stop.”

It has been suggested that high gold prices could be a factor in the burglary increase; this after a surge in criminals targeting valuable jewellery at the end of 2012. The spate of incidents led to many residents increasing home security efforts. People often choose to install bar gates and mesh grills, which can act as strong visual deterrents against prospective burglars.

Other areas where numbers have fallen include domestic violence and personal robbery, which dropped by 8%.

Ferguson went on to claim the force is determined to do whatever it can to ensure the area is safer for both residents and workers.

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