Oxfordshire club left counting cost of break-in

North Leigh Football Club has been left with a “huge amount of damage” following a burglary to their brand new club house.

The break-in has left the Oxfordshire club facing a bill of £7,000, to replace three TV sets and alcohol that was stolen and repair the extensive damage caused.

The largest television in the club house proved too difficult to steal. As a result, the intruders decided to destroy it instead. This was far from the worst act though, as the criminals also left beer taps open, resulting in considerable flooding.

The club has been forced to abandon two league matches as a result of the break-in, which has left staff at the club devastated.

Speaking about the raid, club secretary Stacey McDonough said:

“They got in through a window, cutting the padlock and smashed the place up and stole three TVs. They [also] broke into the pavilion and changing rooms…”

The group went on to attempt to steal a staff member’s car before deciding to vandalise it instead.

Many businesses choose to install security shutters to help reduce the risk of break-ins and deter burglars, adding extra protection to vulnerable access points such as doors and windows.

Despite having to cancel two games the club, who recently won the Oxfordshire Senior Cup, said the Oxfordshire Charity Cup final would still be put on by them on Saturday.

Police are appealing for anyone who has information on the raid, which took place between 18:30 on Saturday 21 April and 10:15 on Sunday 22 April, to come forward.

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