Police investigate “linked” burglaries in Stourport

North Worcestershire Police force are investigating the possibility that two recent burglaries in central Stourport could be linked. The investigation follows raids on an Indian restaurant and coffee house in quick succession.

On May 3rd, a significant amount of cash was taken from the premises of the Severn Tandoori restaurant. Located in Bridge Street, the break-in took place between 12.15am and 5.30pm on the first Thursday of the month.

Damage was caused to the premises throughout the break-in, although within the restaurant itself it was minimal. Police have said that a “tidy search” was made, before the cash was located and taken.

It is this so called tidy search method that has got the police linking the burglary with another incident which took place the day before.

Sometime from 5.45pm on Wednesday May 2nd to 7.30am on Thursday May 3rd, the Courtyard Coffee Shop was targeted. Nothing was actually taken from the popular store on Lombard Street, whilst no damage other than during the actual break-in was caused.

Because of the similarities between the two incidents, police have suspicions that the same individual or group carried out both. They are also hopeful that there may have been witnesses to the crimes.

Anyone with information about the burglaries directly, or that saw any suspicious activity around either of the premises, is urged to contact Kidderminster Police Station or Crimestoppers.

Local companies are also advised to take extra security precautions, such as through the installation of roller shutters and retractable window grilles.

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