Power tools taken in latest Blackpool raid

A gang of thieves has smashed through a wall at a former TVR car factory in Blackpool, getting away with power tools worth thousands.

The incident, which took place early morning on Tuesday 13th November, is the latest in a number of crimes in the area over recent weeks.

On this occasion, two local businesses were affected. Having smashed their way through the wall of Jay Salisbury Equipment Hire, the gang then entered the neighbouring premises of MJT Cars through a connecting window.

The window was not protected by a mesh grill or security shutters.

The owner of MJT Cars, Mike Thomas, said:

“They have got in through a window and taken tools […] they are worth thousands and thousands of pounds. It’s an expensive inconvenience to us.”

Partly through the use of security doors, the hire company was not so badly affected. Its owner, Jay Salisbury, said:

“[…] we are pretty good with security and they have not been able to take anything big because they couldn’t get through any of the doors.”

Police have now stepped up the investigation, with a local councillor saying he fears that the spree could be the work of an organised group. Warning local companies to be careful, Don Clapham said:

“Tradesmen or businesses which have got power tools on the premises have really got to be vigilant in terms of security.”

Anyone with information on the latest raid, or other incidents in the area, are urged to contact local police or Crimestoppers.

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