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Aluminium Security shutters will suit applications which require a higher level of security, be it your home, office or commercial premises. These extremely effective shutters create a barrier over windows and doors, without the need to make your make your property look like a prison. They can be supplied with solid, punched or perforated slats.

All variants can be manually operated via a Rod Crank, Spring Loaded Barrel or a Swivel belt.

Alternatively you may prefer electrically operated version via a rocker switch, key switch or a remote hand held fob. The double skinned extruded aluminium slats are powder coated Brilliant White RAL 9016 as standard

However White RAL 9010,   Black RAL 9005,  Brown RAL 8014 Cream RAL 1015 are also available at no extra cost

If you require a specific colour,  then please see the following links “Additional Colour Choices”  for a comprehensive range of  powder coated colours which are available at additional cost

You may ask why you should choose this product over a Continental Shutter. That being the case please see a  definition of this product,  applications and benefits at the bottom of this page.

Click on the links above for price lists for aluminium shutters or to contact us direct with any queries.

Aluminium Shutters Specifications

Double Skinned Extruded Aluminium

Slat Dimensions
38mm x 9mm

Shutter Housing Sizes
165mm up to 250mm depending on shutter height and width

Guide Widths
H30 guides at 60mm wide x 24mm deep. One to each side of opening. H40/s guides at 70mm wide x 27mm deep available at additional cost.

Standard Colours For Slats
White RAL 9016; White RAL 9010; Black 9005,  Brown RAL 8014 Cream RAL 1015

Full RAL and BS colour range available if required – click HERE for details.

As it becomes increasingly important to protect homes and business from crime, it is well worth taking a closer look at some of the solutions that are now available. Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, we are providers and professional installers of a range of proven options, and we have a great deal of respect for the effectiveness of aluminium shutters.

Aluminium shutters as a defence against Burglary

The most obvious benefit of well-made and robust aluminium shutters is the protection they provide against criminals. They are tough and resilient against impact and cutting tools, often deterring  burglars before they even attempt a break in.

Whether fitting to windows, doors or other entrance ways, both domestic and commercial properties get greater assurance with these shutters. They are also cost effective and can be tailored in regards to colour and style.

The practicality of Aluminium Shutters

As well as providing greater security level than the Continental Shutters this product  is made from double skinned extruded aluminium. Durable, strong, good looking and easy to use. Many homes and businesses are already  benefiting from Aluminium Security Shutters .

The longevity of Aluminium Shutters

Being so robust and hard wearing, it is little surprise that an aluminium shutter delivers great durability. Even in the toughest of conditions they will provide a long lifetime of high performance and protection.More than this though, they can also stand up to all sorts of weather conditions due to the quality of the powder coated

Easy to maintain

Another great benefit of Aluminium Shutters is that it is easy to maintain. We recommend one service a year

Providing privacy

As a provider of great security and prevention against all sorts of crime, Aluminium Shutters are up there with the best security solutions. There are other great benefits though, notably the ability to provide privacy. For private homes in particular, this could be just what is needed, whether to prevent prying eyes from interrupting family time, or to reduce nosey distractions.

As much as an Aluminium Shutter can provide privacy and protection to a home or business, it is essential that the best quality available is sourced. Similarly, it is also vital that a reputable company be chosen to supply the product and professionally install it.

Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, we provide a fantastic service. With fully qualified staff and a wide range of proven shutter solutions, many of which are also LPCB approved, we take security seriously. We have many options to tailor a shutter perfectly for a home or business. Call today to discuss the best solution for your property.

Please contact the office for further details and prices on our range of Aluminium Security Shutters: 020 3876 9080 or email

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