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DMI Security Group supply and install internal expandable barrier gates and grilles. These gates and grilles are designed for windows, doors and areas where access needs to be restricted. Unlike conventional retractable gates these grilles do not use top or bottom tracks, although the Expandle barriers for windows can have top and bottom track, if required. They are extremely easy to operate and fold to approximately 15% of its secured position. Each sash can turn through 180 degrees to maintain access. Different lock options are available depending on the application.

All components are phosphate treated and finished in a resilient white gloss coating. They provide an visual deterrent to opportunist thieves or as an effective barrier or access control.

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Expandable Range – Further Details and Specifications

For windows:

The grilles are available in 2 widths, 900mmm and 1200mm and 5 heights, 850mm 1000mm 1150mm 1300mm 1450mm. These grilles can also be cut down to size if required. Minimum height  850mm

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For doors:

The barriers are available in 7 standard widths, 1000mm 1150mm 1300mm 1450mm 1600mm 1800mm 1950mm and 2 heights 2000mm and 2500mm.

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trackless barrier

Trackless barrier system:

These barriers are an ideal system for access control or restricting access in shopping centres, factory units, car parks, loading bays, or simply partitioning and isolating areas off. The system is completely trackless and operate on a series of steel reinforced trolleys that allow complete mobility. They can be temporarily fixed in place with shoot bolts locking each trolley into the floor. If required, locking devices on the end posts allow them to be secured to walls. Spanning any width and heights of 2 and 2.5 metres.

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emergency exit doors

For Emergency Exit doors:

We can also supply expandable barriers that have been specifically designed for securing emergency exits and vulnerable glass doors. The design enables occupants to unlock the gate from inside the premises by rotating a thumb-turn lock. This keyless operation ensures that a quick and safe exit can be achieved at all times. As with our other expandable barriers there are no tracks and the grille hinges aside as standard.



lock shield

The attack side of the gate retains a key operated lock to restrict access.

The tight double diamond pattern combined with a shielding plate, prevents intruders from reaching through the lattices to unlock the gate.

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