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Steel Security Doors provide a high security alternative to wooden doors. A cost effective and secure solution for any doorway. They can even cover existing entrances.

Fire Exit Doors, Personnel Doors, Communal Entrance Doors can all be designed, manufactured and installed to meet you requirements. Powder coated finish allows them to blend into any environment.

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Steel Security Doors Pricing and Specifications

Steel Security Doors can be supplied with various options and features.

For that reason we would ask that you please contact us directly to discuss your particular requirements. We will then be able to provide you with information and prices on the type of Steel Door that meets you particular requirements

For those who demand the very highest of security, DMI Security Group can supply a range of Steel Security Doors with Loss Prevention Certificate Board approval. This certification is undertaken by an independent body, separate from both supplier and consumer. It is a conformity assessment that confirms security products have met and shall continue to meet the highest standard.


Secured by Design is an initiative that supports the values of effective security and crime prevention for an array of security applications and products. An official UK Police flagship initiative, only security products that meet the necessary technical standards and have been successfully tested can be granted with this Police Preferred Specification.

Please contact us directly for further details.

As the protection of private and commercial property becomes ever more important, it is essential that the best solutions are found. At DMI Security Group Ltd, we understand this, which is why we provide, install and maintain the very best options available today. One option which many are finding effective today is the use of steel doors.

The basics of steel doors

There are a number of essential elements of a steel door which make them effective. Superior to wooden or PVC doors, they offer great strength and resilience. They are ideal against attempted break-ins, keeping valuable assets away from those willing to take rather than work.

Each door is also designed and constructed to ward off possible attacks. Design features intended to reduce the chances of unwanted visitors gaining entry include reinforced frames, drill proofing, impact proofing, tamper proof locks, reinforced fixing plates and anti-thrust lips, negating the effectiveness of crowbars.

Being made from galvanised steel, the doors also offer a great lifespan, reducing the need for repairs and replacement which can be so costly. Essentially, they do not degrade as wood does, and hold up to any and all sorts of weather with ease; making them ideal for the British weather. They are basically designed to last and last.

For those concerned about the ugliness of a steel door, it is important to understand that they can be styled to suit most common designs. They can also be powder coated in any colour, meaning they can match an existing decor and any preferred colour schemes perfectly. Essentially, therefore, they can be styled to look like any regular PVC door, which is ideal for a low key installation.

This also makes them ideal for installation in the home, providing protection from crime against the most important things in life; loved ones. Providing a great defence against invasion when a home or business is empty, they offer much assurance and comfort.

Additional benefits of steel doors

As much as providing a safe and secure home or office is what steel doors are really all about, it is also good to know they provide additional benefits. For example, it is possible for the doors to have superior quality draught and weather seals fitted, saving money and energy.

They also provide exceptional protection in the event of a fire, possibly adding valuable minutes for escape or protection whilst waiting for the fire service to arrive on scene. A steel door also offers excellent insulation, which could be necessary for a whole range of activities.

For the environment too they are great, with an increased lifespan over their alternatives and the many options for recycling on offer. Energy efficient too, the number of resources used in their construction is also consistently coming down.

Whether to advise on the most environmentally responsible security options, or to help you find the most cost effective solutions, DMI Security Group Ltd have the knowledge and experience. Call us today to see how we can help you feel safe, secure and protected in every way.

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