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Window bars can meet a wide range of uses. Fitted internally or externally, depending on you requirements, they can be designed to be purely functional or more ornate. Ideal for both domestic or commercial applications.

Window bars are available in 12mm 16mm and 20mm round or square infill’s.

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Window Bars – General Specifications

12mm, 16mm or 20mm round or square infill

Strapping Grilles

Brick Bond Grilles

Georgian Grilles

With security in the home and at work increasingly important to get right, people are looking at all different sorts of solutions. Ahead of anything else is the search for that all-important cost effectiveness, which makes such a difference. At DMI Security Group Ltd, we understand this perfectly, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of window bars, retractable gates and steel doors.

Window bars for businesses

After doors and gateways, the most commonly used access points for criminals targeting business properties today are windows. As a result, having bars installed on those which are vulnerable makes perfect sense, and is always advisable.

With a number of different bars to choose from, there is also a solution to suit any type of business. For example, a shop or other business which displays its items to passers-by may require bars which are removable during the day, but provide a solid defence through the night and on days when the business is closed.

Another elegant solution in much the same way is the use of bars which are hinged or retractable. For the greatest level of protection, exterior fitted bars are also available. A very clear and physical defence, these are ideal for the back of premises, particularly where ground floor access is easy.

Even when using more obvious window bars, it is perfectly possible to tailor them to match corporate colours and not intrude on the property’s aesthetic value too much. This is achieved largely through colour matching, allowing the powder coating to complement rather than detract.

Security bars for the home

The ability for colours to be matched makes security bars for windows a viable option for homeowners. They are particularly ideal in the summer, when a house naturally needs to be more open to the warm weather to allow fresh air in. As a result, the summer sees houses being made more vulnerable to criminal invasion, though the bars prevent this well.

They also offer a good deal of safety to the household, particularly when it comes to preventing small children and animals from dangers, such as flat roofs and drops to the ground. With quick release mechanisms often built in, there are no issues regarding household safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Key features of window security bars

– Effective deterrent to burglars and vandals
– Physically repel attacks
– Removable, hinged, retractable or fixed
– Galvanised and powder coated
– Vertical, horizontal or lattice styles
– LPCB accredited

Another great reason to use bars to protect windows is the cost effectiveness they provide; they are simple and hassle free to put in and inexpensive to buy. Very easy to maintain and clean too, there are few solutions that make such economical and practical sense.

Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, we not only provide a wide range of window bars, our highly qualified team can also install them. Call us today to see how we can offer you and your home or business protection at every level.

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