Ram-raiders make off with £7k of goods

Bold ram-raiders made off with a haul worth more than £7,000 when they targeted the car of a sales rep in the Ifield area of Crawley.

The thieves struck at around 11.35am on 16th August, when they rammed their vehicle into the car in order to gain entry to the boot, where a number of products were being stored.

The sales rep was visiting the Galaxy Internet and General Store when his unmarked vehicle was left unattended for around 40 minutes. The thieves wasted no time in striking, acting extremely quickly and alerting no one to the theft.

Speaking of the incident, a representative from Sussex Police commented:

“A goods representative parked his car whilst visiting stockists. Another vehicle was used to ram the car which consequently opened the boot. £3,500 cash and £4,000 worth of tobacco goods were stolen.”

When the sales rep left the Galaxy Store, he found the boot open and all of his stock had been removed. He immediately returned to the store and alerted police to the theft.

A spokesman for the sales rep’s company said of the ram-raid:

“Incidents like this are a rare occurrence and it is fortunate that nobody has been hurt during the robberies. We hope that the police are successful in catching the criminals”

Business owners and reps are urged to remain vigilant and ensure they take as many security measures as possible to prevent thefts. Bar gates, steel doors and security cages can all be used to prevent thefts, as can parking vehicles in secure areas.

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