The benefits of retractable gates

As domestic and commercial security becomes ever more important in the UK, it is essential that the right solutions are chosen to protect property. Here at DMI Security Group Ltd, that is exactly what we are all about. We provide a range of market leading retractable gates, steel doors, aluminium shutters, window grilles and bars and a host of other entranceway and window security options.

The basics of retractable gates

Essentially, security gates are designed to keep uninvited people and animals out of a property, whilst allowing light and air into a building. As a result, they are the perfect choice for homes with patio doors, French windows and other such wide openings.

As a defensive barrier, they are incredibly strong, providing an immovable object against a variety of objects being used with force. Also able to combat vehicles being driven at them, or ward off attacks from cutting tools, the steel construction and galvanisation ensures superior strength.

They are also ideal for ground floor apartments and flats, where doors and windows may be vulnerable to unwanted visitors. As a formidable barrier when drawn across the tracks, collapsible gates are valuable deterrents and provide effective prevention. However, they are also extremely unobtrusive when not in use.

Commercial or residential uses

When installed by a professional team, retractable gates can provide excellent protection in any circumstance, which is what makes them perfect for both businesses and private homes. Versatile and adaptable, the way they can be seamlessly fitted into door and entranceway surrounds ensures they remain practically unnoticeable unless being used.

With a full range of colours available too, matching a set of collapsible gates with a home or business’s d├ęcor is not a problem. Any opening can be looked after too, with the size of each gate able to be perfectly tailored, allowing for oversized or undersized spaces to be easily catered for.

Whilst in the home the gates may be used on an occasional basis, perhaps when the summer is here and the home needs to be more open, they are also perfect for continuous use. In a commercial setting, for example, they use systems allowing them to be lockable from both sides.

Key features of retractable gates

For a variety of situations, collapsible gates are the perfect solution, and have helped many families feel safer in their homes. Many businesses also rely on the gates for the security provided, but also for the assurance and confidence they provide to concentrate on growing a business. The stand-out features of the product are:

– Security barriers with exceptional strength

– Visible and physical defence

– Corrosion resistant thanks to galvanisation and powder coating

– Fully retractable for space saving and aesthetics

– Single key multi-point locking

– Tailored builds

– Simple to operate

– Robust visible deterrents for both windows and doors

For added quality at DMI Security Group Ltd, we provide retractable gates and other security options which have Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval. With our teams passing tough qualification criteria too, our service is as secure as our products. Call us today to see how we can help protect your business and home.

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