Retractable Security Gates

As the perfect solution for crime prevention, retractable security gates offer a very real barrier and visual deterrent. At Shutter Solutions, we supply and install the very best gates available to help protect commercial and residential properties throughout the UK.

Also known as Collapsible Gates, Collapsible Grilles, Concertina Gates, Expanding Gates, Folding Gates Lattice Gates, Lattice Grilles, Retractable Grilles and Sliding Gates, they also allow air and light in without compromising the security of a property.

The effectiveness of retractable security gates

Retractable gates are increasing in popularity throughout the UK as homes and businesses move to make themselves more resilient to criminal activity. A seamless solution that offers security and function without imposing on the look and style of a property, it is easy to see why.

When not in use, they can easily slide away behind partitions or curtains so they are not visible outwardly or inwardly. Easy to pull back over when you need to lock up, they provide an effective solution for many. They are also ideal to be locked into place while windows are open in the summer months, allowing air to flow through the property while robust and worry-free protection is maintained.

Another benefit, for businesses in particular, is that planning permission is not generally required. For example, when located inside, they do not impede on the external structure and can be installed without fuss or delay when urgently needed. Likewise, they can be fitted externally, and so have many uses.

Tailored retractable security gates

Our gates are available in two designs; in an S-type lattice and an X-type lattice. Each option works perfectly and the choice over which design to go for is solely down to customer preference. Each gate can also be tailored to suit specific dimensions, whether being used to offer protection in a window or installed in place on a bar, counter or other internal work area, with different widths and heights able to be catered for.

Each gate can also be powder coated, in a range of colours to suit the environment or location of a premise, the d├ęcor of a room or to match with existing corporate livery. It is also possible to finish in a matt or gloss look as needed while, for those grilles being used externally, it is also possible to galvanise them to ensure longevity and protection against the elements.

The installation can be tailored to suit individual needs, from having an unobtrusive lift up bottom track, a lift out bottom track or, alternatively, a hinged-away sash. In essence, they provide complete versatility together with all-important ventilation. Also allowing people to see window displays when a premise is closed, they do not prevent passive marketing from taking place.

At Shutter Solutions, our retractable security gates can be designed and installed simply and effectively. Once installed, they offer a smooth, effective and easy-to-use security solution. With multi-point locking systems, smooth tracks, and a high quality finish, they are the practical approach to security where convenience and style are all important.

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